River City Environmental has been providing environmental cleanup, support services and regulatory compliance assistance throughout the Pacific Northwest since 1995. The focus of our business is environmental responsibility. Our motto is working together for a clean environment.

River City Environmental provides high quality, professional services 24/7—whether it’s stormwater compliance to ensure our waterways run clear, grease trap cleaning and emergency spill clean up to avoid contaminating an area, to septic cleaning and maintenance, our team is ready where you need them, when you need them.

We help residential, commercial and industrial customers alike with environmental services that address your specific needs.

  • Drop Boxes – we recycle everything possible from the drop boxes we pick up from your facility

  • Stormwater compliance issues? – we can help with installation, cleaning, maintenance and more

  • Emergency Spill Response – we provide a full array of cleanup services and safe disposal

  • Sump and Oil Water separator – we provide cleaning services

  • Septic Services – we’ll clean, maintain, repair and update your septic system and drain field

At our facility, we constantly implement sustainability measures to ensure we’re doing our best. 

  • We manage all of our stormwater on site, and reuse that water for a variety of uses including cleaning our trucks

  • We’ve implemented similar water saving methods for customers to help them manage their rain water to wash their trucks

  • We changed all of our office lighting to high efficiency LED

  • We transitioned all of our computers to high efficiency technology

  • We have a full complement of generators as battery backup so we’re ready in case of emergencies to ensure uninterrupted service for our facility and to help our customers

Contact us today to schedule any of our high quality environmental services, provided by our professional, highly trained staff of operators and specialists.

Even if you don’t see the service you need, give us a call at 503-252-6144–we still may be able to assist you!